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Please feel free to contact with any items that you wish to sell of give away or if you are undertaking family history research or trying to find out the history of you house. Send a good quality photo if you can. It may be possible for photos to be taken on for you. Contact us

We try to keep all the website information up to date, please let us know if you are away of any item that is not longer available or wanted.

If you contact anybody listed, please remember to let them know where you saw their details.

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'Buckland Filleigh - A Continuous Thread' A book written by Madeline Jane Taylor. more... Available for sale from Vron Martin. All profits will go to the Parish Church Price 12-50+2-50 P&P
Tel; 01409-281535 E-mail
  Top soil can collect Peter Crawford 01409 281553 / 07718 525637

FOR RENT Approx. 8 acres of fenced grazing at Grascott Farm - or could be used for hay good quality meadow grass.
Enquiries: 01409 281393 or email:


Wanted Family Bible c1860 with family tree of Hawking Family (who lived in Shebbear about 1840 1920) enclosed. (copy of tree will suffice if owner does not want to part with bible). Any information on Hawking family appreciated.
Contact Stephen Low 104 Prince of Wales Avenue, Southampton, SO15 4LU E-mail

  Old stamps and coppers for the Bell fund. Phone Steve and Mel 281385


I have started a group on Facebook called "Shebbear free ads" designed so that anyone can place a free advert for items for sale, local events, what's on, somebody wishes to dispose of an item like an ad on freecycle, a desire to borrow an item etc. Anyone in the local area and local parishes can join. Please send "Shebbear free ads" a request to join. Must have a Facebook account.
Deb Simpson


After his great idea of running an oil syndicate in the village Fraser Lynn has found it difficult to organise due to his frequent work-related absences, he has therefore asked me to run it from here in the shop. So far so good, I just need to work out how best to do it. As yet I do not have a list of those who were members before and I think the easiest way forward is for anyone who uses oil and would like to benefit from the bulk purchase prices to send me an email to register their interest( . If you have neighbours who do not have internet access you might like to mention it to them too. It will be a little more difficult for those without the internet, but we will be posting notices in the shop when orders are imminent, or those interested can just ask me.

I have no idea how frequently we can order or what the price will be when we do, but from having benefitted from Fraser's endeavours over the last couple of years I can say that we noticed a saving of around 5 pence per litre over the prices we could obtain on our own. Having spoken to a few suppliers I think that the more members we have and the more frequently we order, the better the price will be.

This section is dedicated to people who are researching their family history, houses or long lost friends from the area in or around Shebbear and Buckland Filleigh


I am writing to ask you if you could shed any light on the above mill or maybe even have a picture of it. I have been researching my family tree and my great, great grandfather William Smith Daw is down on the 1841 census as having Upcott Mill on his address and I know that he was a Miller who eventually moved to Wendron, Helston, Cornwall. He originated from Lamerton Would you be able to tell me if he was a worker there and what type of mill it was - or is there a site on the web where I can find this out? I appreciate you taking the time over this request
Best wishes Sheila Pryor
email via

OSWALD JOHN WEBB has been contacted by Simon Webb, he is searching for any information that people may have about his family tree and specifically needs the following;
"I had a Grandfather named Oswald John Webb (born about 23 March 1914)(Son of Henry Webb ), who lived in a house called Modbury either in or near Shebbear."

Please contact the website if you have anything that you may think could be of use to him.
We have already had some excellent feedback, Simon is very grateful for the feedback to date but he would welcome more if you have any.

BALE Family

I am researching my family name - BALE - Originating from Husbands Bosworth in Leicestershire. I have long thought that there may be a link to the BALE name in Devon, and find that there are indeed Bales in your village Shebbear and also in Monksleigh. I would be very greatful indeed if you could possibly direct me towards contacts with the BALE name who have their origins in Husbands Bosworth as I do.

Thank you so very much.
David Bale 01509-232606


Seeking information regarding the Brock family who lived in Shebbear from at least 1737 onwards, my great great great grandfather was Richard Brock who married a lady named Joan, he was born in the village in 1737, they had a son called William who was also born in the village in 1766.

As i am trying to complete my family tree any information that anybody could give me would be much appreciated as i know very little so far.

Kindest Regards, J Leivars :


Stephen Low continues his family history search and is seeking the whereabouts of Miss Jennings, housekeeper to Studley Hawking at the Lodge, Buckland Filleigh Estate during the 1940s. Any contact details gratefully received. E-mail Tel; 023 80785930 or contact the website.

WILLIAM ANDREW - Oldiscleave Farm

In researching my 'Family Tree', the 1841 Census shows my Gt Gt Grandfather - William Andrew - as being a Farmer, residing at (according to my deciphering) 'Oldiscleave Farm', which is in the 'Hundred' of 'Shebbear', in the Civil Parish of Bideford. Are you able to shed any light on that please?

John Andrew


'I am looking for information about Richard Mason, my Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather, who was born in Shebbear about April, 1811. Based on my research he was baptised in the Bible Christian Church in Shebbear, Devonshire on April 24, 1811.

I believe that Richard and his parents, who remain unknown, may have lived in or near the Shebbear area. In 1835 or 1836 he married Mirriam Courtice, daughter of John & Mary Courtice, of Buckland Brewer. I have conflicting dates as to when the marriage took place, but it appears it was in Shebbear at the Bible Christian Church. They had a son Lawrence (also spelled Laurence) who was also baptised in the Bible Christian Church on May 24, 1837.

Richard and his family move to Canada in about 1840, then he followed several of his sons and settled in the state of Michigan in America in the early 1870s. Richard passed away in Michigan 1888.

If anyone can help me obtain some more information about Richard and his ancestors I would appreciate it very much.'

Dale Mason. Contact


My name is Sheila, and I am hoping someone in your village may be able to help me with my family history, and who knows, may even share my family tree!

My maiden name was COLLECOTT and I have traced my great great grandfather to your village. His name was Edward CALLICOTT (sic) and he was born in Shebbear in approximately 1789/90, son of Rachel. He was a shoemaker by trade and married Elizabeth nee Hooper, - I have yet to discover when.

Elizabeth was born in Devonport, Plymouth and they had eight children that I know of, all born between 1834 and 1853 approximately, named Edward, Francis, Elizabeth Ann, Ann, Martha, Sarah J, Mary A and my great grandfather John Edward COLLECOTT, (this seems to be when the spelling changed), who was born 5th February 1844 in Devonport, Plymouth. All the children were born in Devonport and the family appear on the 1861 census living in Plymouth. I haven't been able to locate them on the 1851 census. Edward died in Plymouth on 6th April 1870. I have traced the family from John Edward onwards but would like to know more about Edward and Elizabeth.

I visited your beautiful church last year and noted several headstones in the churchyard with the name COLLACOTT but none of the names fitted into my tree that I know of.

If anyone thinks they may have any knowledge of Edward and Elizabeth I would be delighted to hear from them.

Sheila R Watt E-Mail

EDITH STEVENS (nee Glover)

Researching Edith Stevens (nee Glover) and her daughter Molly Stevens (born 1921). We believe the Glovers resided at Grascott Farm in the early 1900s. We are very keen for any information and are hoping to reunite lost family members. Any information would be gratefully received contact me via email


In researching my 'Family Tree', the 1841 Census shows my Gt Gt Grandfather - William Andrew - as being a Farmer, residing at (according to my deciphering) 'Oldiscleave Farm', which is in the 'Hundred' of 'Shebbear', in the Civil Parish of Bideford. Is anybody able to shed any light on that, please ?

John Andrew

This section is for people researching buildings. If you would like to find out more about the history of a building in Shebbear or Buckland Filleigh parishes, put your request on here and hopefully, there will be somebody who can answer your questions.


We are interested in finding out a more exact date when Way House was constructed. It was originally built by the College for (what we understand) one of the Housemasters and estimates of the building date seem to range from about 1860 to 1891 when Samuel Way presented the College with Lake Farm. If anyone has a more precise date. Michael S Wright,

TYRELLA HOUSE (The old village shop)

Any information, photographs, documents etc welcomed to help research please. Contact Paul on 01409-281968 or

Any information about IVY COTTAGE (New Inn) Shebbear really appreciated, especially during the period 1860-1940. Stephen Low, 104 Prince of Wales Avenue, Southampton, SO15 4LU.


Lane passing Haddiport, Buckland Filleigh and adjoining the Grasscott and Horrislew bridle path

I am in the process of applying to Devon County Council to have the above mentioned lane made into a footpath or bridleway, depending on the response.

In support of my application I need evidence of people who have used this lane, as a public right of way. It would be extremely helpful if you are able to provide evidence of using this lane or a period of 20 years of more, uninterrupted, for any time period. If you are a more recent user of this lane, any evidence will help.

The evidence supplied needs to be a completed form from Devon County Council; I can supply you with the form and help you to complete it, if required. If you know of somebody who used/uses the lane, but might not see this notice and I would be grateful if you could inform them.

If you have any questions or are unclear on where this path is, would like a form or any help then please contact Tracy or David Balsdon on 281 444.
Thanking you for your help,
Tracy Balsdon


We have lived at Berry Park Cottage, Pitt Hill, Shebbear for 6 years and am trying to find out how old the house is. No title deeds are now available. Does anyone have any information on our house please? Rupert and Peta-Jane Wise. Email to:


I was very interested to read on your website about a visit to Upcott Barton in May last year, when the buildings are referred to as "the old monastery, and the remains of the monks' cemetery." I had heard of this elsewhere, but had then been told the story had been discredited, and that there was no particular religious aspect to the buildings. I wonder if you or any of your members can shed any light on this contradiction? Is there any documentary evidence to support the theory? I would be very grateful for any information.

Colin West

Our house in Shebbear has a sign which says 'Balkwill Cottages 1909', however we understand that this was put up following a fire and the actual age of our house is much older. We would love to know if anyone can shed any light on the age or history of our house, we have records going back to 1909 but cannot get any further as the records have been destroyed.
Barry and Carol Hunt E-Mail