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Welcome to, the community website for the parishes of Shebbear and Buckland Filleigh. This is an independent one stop website aimed as a resource for locals and visitors alike. If you are looking for accommodation, a tradesman, loaf of bread, social events or just background information, you can find it all here.
Do have a browse through the pages. The website is still being developed, if you don't find what you are looking for, then please Contact us to ask or make a suggestion.

If you contact somebody through the pages of the Shebbear and Buckland Filleigh website, please tell them where you got their details from.

The website for Shebbear & Buckland Filleigh is not the only local website available to our community.
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The parish council heard the other day from the Community Flood Resilience Project Manager at Devon County Council, with news of progress about the long-awaited early warning system for Dipper Mill. She said, I have received an update from Hydrologic, the company contracted to install the flood warning system at Dipper Mill. As you know the river level gauge has already been installed at Dipper Mill bridge. However the signal from the logger is too weak (in spite of a good result when testing it) and Hydrologic have scheduled to swap the logger for an external antenna system. Some final tests on the electronic signs are being completed at this moment in time and the entire flood warning system (signs and antenna) will be installed and up and running by the end of November.

I will organise a meeting/training for the flood group/interested councillors once the system is operational so that you are able to manage it.

The river level gauge warning system and connected electronic signs will have maximum potency if they are supported by a Community Emergency Plan, and the parish council has this as an item for review from time to time.

As you approach Highworthy Cross by car, there will be a sign (battery powered with solar panel charging) that will flash a warning at you if the water is out, or on the verge of being out, at Dipper. This will give drivers the opportunity to turn round here rather than have to back up or try to turn at the river. A similar sign will be on the south side of the bridge for traffic heading towards Shebbear.

Its expected that a website will have up to date information as well, with the option of residents being able to register for a text warning service to your mobile phone assuming you have signal... Richard Clark


Drop in sessions for people with sight or hearing loss: equipment, information and advice on our mobile sensory unit. The bus is wheelchair accessible. All dates and times are weather permitting.

Shebbear Square 10am - 11.30am
9 December
Find out more at this website

Some people may be confused about when they can light a bonfire and what can be burnt.

The National Society for Clean Air offers us some invaluable information on this. More details...


Alscott Farm, Shebbear Thursdays and Sundays at 7pm. Contact or 07776 465 236


This project was originally planned to record the inscriptions on the old grave stones before they were lost fore ever. With a few exceptions, all the gravestone (old and new) standing in this beautiful setting, have been deciphered and recorded. Hopefully this record will prove to be of interest to those looking for ancesters, and those interested in local History as well as others not connected with the Parish. Many of the inscriptions make fascinating, if heart rending reading. There is a photograph of each gravestone. In many cases there is also a short biography of the life of the person to whom the burial refers. The disc is on sale in the Parish for 5, or by post for 6. from Emma Anderson and phone number 01409231294.

All proceeds will be donated to the lovely Parish Church, St Mary's
M Jane Taylor 3628


Mud on the road resulting from working farm vehicles can be an issue from time to time.

Farmers and vehicle operators who deposit mud on the road are potentially liable for a range of offences.

Here is some advice on what you should do:

  • Be prepared to hire in equipment - check availability in advance.
  • Keep to your own farm roads and minor roads whenever possible
  • Keep to low speeds - especially when travelling short distance - to help retain mud on the vehicle.
  • Be prepared to keep a written record of your decisions on whether or not to deploy signs and / or to clean the road. Here is some advice on what you must do:
  • Do everything possible to prevent mud being deposited on the road. This includes cleaning mud from vehicles, as far as practicable, before they are taken onto the road. The fact that cleaning mud off tractors and attachments is commercially inconvenient may not be a defence in law.
  • Only use signs that are authorised. The recommended sign shows the 'Slippery Road' triangle with 'Mud on Road' sub plate. If appropriate, the 'Men at Work' sign should be used. Signs must be at least 750mm.
  • Make sure signs are positioned to give maximum visibility and warning to other road users.
  • Clean the road as necessary during the working day and always at the end of the working day.
  • Ensure that labour and equipment is available and is suitable for the soil and weather conditions present.
  • Where a contractor is used, ensure that prior agreement is reached on who is responsible for mud on road issues (signage, cleaning etc) and ensure that adequate public liability insurance is in place.

Civil action can occur where the presence of mud results in personal injury, damage to property, loss or inconvenience. The presence of mud can constitute a public nuisance and loss or injury can result in a claim for negligence.

Employers have a duty to look after the health and safety, not only of themselves, their family and employees, but of anyone who may be affected by their working operations. Employees also have responsibilities to themselves and others.

The Council as highway authority has a duty to assert and protect the rights of road users.The highways authority has the power to clean the road and recover its expenses from the person causing the problem.


Once again, the people of Shebbear are eyed enviously by much of the rest of the UK.
Although, featuring in other surveys as the best place to live, this is the first time that Shebbear has featured in this report.

Shebbear has been awarded the number seven spot in a list of 20 locations in the Family Hotspots Report, put together by OneFamily, a specialist in family finances. It is the first time Devon has appeared in the top 20 report, with four of the county's towns making the list, Shebbear, Cullompton, Crediton and Colyton.

A spokesman for OneFamily, said: "The small village of Shebbear boasts the highest percentage of early years care that's ranked as outstanding Read more:


DCH have a one bedroom, ground floor flat in Ackland Close, Shebbear which will be available to rent in early November. The total rent will be 92.50 per week, payable over 48 weeks a year. Applicants would need to prove a local connection to Shebbear or adjoining Parishes. For more information or to express an interest, please contact Cheryl Lewis on 01392 814429 or email:

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